Are you ready for the PLÉSYR effect?

Being happy together, feeling good – that motivates! Why permanently evaluate your own appearance from the perspective of a beauty contest? We all know: Maturity increases our self-confidence and the ability to assess our strengths correctly while accepting our weaknesses with goodwill. We observe the people who are treated with PLÉSYR. Something happens to them: they exchange ideas, look at each other, are happy for each other. Because they have made a discovery that connects – one that makes them shine because it simply makes them feel good. This is exactly what PLÉSYR is all about. Discovering beauty together in every phase of life: Social Beauty.

Innovative active ingredients for flawless skin


PLÉSYR Beauty Equipment

PLÉSYR Beauty Mask uses technology to ensure that the highly effective active ingredients reach a depth of skin that would not be possible without a mask. Skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, skin impurities or dark circles around the eyes are combated where they occur. The Beauty Stylo is the perfect supplement for the lower facial area and other body parts. Both devices are controlled by the Beauty Pod.

This gets under your skin

Reaches the depth of the skin
The active ingredients are introduced with 1 MHz pulsed ultrasound via 7 ultrasonic high-frequency applicators into deeper skin layers, where they develop their revitalising and firming effect.

Really non-toxic
The high tone vital frequency relaxes the mimic muscles and immediately and lastingly provides a firmer skin appearance – a natural Botox effect completely without toxic substances and painful injections.

Catch every spot
In addition to ultrasound, the high tone vital frequency is another art of beauty masks: this function ensures the harmonious distribution of the active ingredients in the surface.

Disposal made easy
THe treatment with the Beauty Mask stimulates the cell metabolism in the skin and waste products are removed – this is how fitness for the cells works.

The coolest pen
The Beauty Stylo works with pure ultrasound and is suitable for complementary treatment of the face, neck, décolleté and other body parts. The best effect is achieved by moving slowly from bottom to top.

He can reach everywhere
Thanks to its unique shape, Beauty Stylo can be used to treat even neglected areas such as the nostrils, nasolabial folds, upper lip or the sensitive eye area with ease.

Control with style
With the compact and stylish command centre of the Beauty Equipment, the intensity of the high tone can be adjusted by pressing the plus and minus buttons.

Multitasking is his job
With the Beauty Pod it is possible to carry out a treatment with the Beauty Mask and Beauty Stylo at the same time.

He’s got it.
The capacity of the battery is sufficient for several treatments, but the Beauty Pod can also be used connected to the power supply.

Treatment Concept


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Animation of the effect


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