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Our philosophy takes care

In order for them to give us the best caviar quality, we have to offer our sturgeon an environment in which they feel at home during their rearing. For this reason, we have carried out an elaborate search to evaluate locations that optimally meet this criterion. For example in Uruguay – an exotic country in traditional caviar production – where we find the best conditions for sustainable sturgeon farming.

Game breeding in the vastness of Uruguay offers the welcome setting for a perfect product: On the tidy banks of the Rio Negro, in the middle of a nature reserve deep in the heart of the country, our sturgeons thrive magnificently outdoors – in one of the purest rivers in the world.

There they are bred under optimal climatic conditions in a river system that supplies the sensitive animals with fresh water. An almost species-appropriate husbandry, which guarantees caviar with an excellent taste. Unlike rearing in stagnant waters or in halls without daylight.

ZwyerCaviar attaches great importance to sustainable caviar production.

Sustainably gained

The rearing of Uruguay sturgeons and the extraction of their black gold is CO2 neutral.

Everything for quality

Teamwork from rearing to consumption

For ZwyerCaviar, experienced growers, fishermen, processing experts, transport professionals, storage specialists, passionate distributors and refined chefs bring their expertise together. The result is an excellent quality product.

At home in a natural environment

Our breeding sturgeons are optimally cared for

ZwyerCaviar connects people with great professional pride across continents. They share the ecological and ethical awareness in the production of our caviar. The natural needs of the fish are respected – in Uruguay, for example, in the form of an extremely advanced wild aqua culture with particularly deep nets and without exception natural feed.